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Connecting Skilled Talent


Keeping up with all the changes in technology is hard.  Ensuring your staff of technicians is qualified to meet this demand is even harder.  We offer the below training's across various manufacturers.  If your staff could benefit from any of the training's we offer please reach out to

Training Offered

Copper Cabling


From installing, labeling and testing we can offer a vast array of Copper Cabling training's.

Fiber Optics


Fiber optics is becoming more prevalent in today's growing need for Technology.  Installation and testing are more advanced and require a skilled technicians touch.  If your techs need to hone their skills we can help!



Security is everywhere!  From cameras to access control we can help keep you up to date with the latest and greatest.

In Building Wireless Coverage Solutions


Cell phone coverage is being called the 5th utility now because of the importance cell phones have become in our lives.  There are now offerings that make poor coverage in buildings a thing of the past.  Looking to extend your selling portfolio let us help you understand how you can add this new technology into your bag of tricks!