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Telecommunications is everywhere in our daily lives, from our workplaces to our cell phones to our homes and apartments. So much relies on the proper set up and functionality of telecommunications equipment. That’s why having the right people doing it is so important – there are no second chances. Whether you’re a telecom technician looking to grow your career or learn a new specialty, or your organization needs qualified professionals to run cable or install equipment, you want a staffing firm with industry experience and on-the-ground know-how at your side. Next Level Technician is that trusted partner.

Our technicians are next level – it’s right there in our name.

Our Staffing Specialties


Running cable. Testing connections. Labeling wiring clearly. Cabling needs to be done correctly by professionals with the expertise and industry knowledge necessary to avoid costly mistakes.


Security is more important now than ever. Whether it’s CCTV cameras to keep watch over a building or selective keycard access control, Next Level is the technical staffing agency that does it right.

Audio / Visual

Concerts, presentations, conferences … all kinds of productions need A/V equipment set up properly, so things go off without a hitch. And the bigger the event, the more important it is. That’s why our A/V techs get the job done right the first time.


When a building needs additional wireless access points or cell phone signal boosting to ensure connectivity in those pesky dead zones, Next Level’s talented technicians go to work.

Fire Alarm

Installation of fire alarm systems is one of the most prudent measures any commercial building can take to manage fire risk. Next Level Technician can help pair you with experienced technicians with a background in fire alarm systems.

The Training We offer

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Next Level offers a variety of training options to serve beginner cabling technicians and seasoned professionals alike. See below to learn more about our online and hands-on training courses.


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Hands-On Training

Copper Cabling

Our copper cabling training covers everything from installing cable and proper labeling methods to testing and beyond.

Fiber Optics

When it comes to fiber optics, you want someone with knowledge and experience in this unique niche. Our training ensures our technicians have the skilled touch to install fiber-optic cable the right way.


Our security training keeps technicians current with all the latest security equipment, from keycard access control systems to CCTV security cameras and more.


Now more than ever, commercial and residential sites need full wireless coverage solutions to ensure there are no gaps around the building. Our wireless coverage training arms technicians with the unique tools and knowledge to make it happen.

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